Certificates, Diplomas and Covers

Ziller’s has been working with high schools, colleges, universities, associations, organizations, companies, church groups and individuals for many years; we creates and personalizes degrees, certificates and awards to fit your needs. We can make just one or thousands!

Certificates are highly visible incentive and recognition tools. They encourage, reward and honor the recipient and at the same time serve as a lasting example to others of proud affiliation, exemplary achievement, loyal ser¬vice or hard-earned success. Each certificate reflects the high standards of quality design and production capability that has earned Ziller's an unsurpassed reputation since 1936.

To create "Your Look" we use four-color lithography, foil stamping, embossing and de-bossing. We incorporate the latest pre-press technologies available to ensure the highest quality reproduction. Once the shell is made we can store the certificates or diplomas and personalize them for you as you need them.

Our certificates and diplomas can be printed on any paper stock that you would like from an economy paper to high quality 100% new cotton, heavy diploma parchment paper stock. We can work in standard and non-standard certificate sizes. One of a kind certificates and awards are designed to fit your needs and we can even add 23K gold and color if desired.

Padded presentation covers and paper presentation folders are available. Choose form a multitude of fabric samples

Padded diploma covers for recognizing your graduates, employees and associates are of the highest quality with numerous decorating options. Customize your cover by selecting from various grains and colors of vinyl leath¬erette materials, moire fabric liners for inside the cover and numerous colors of corner ribbons. Personalize your cover by foil stamping the school or organization's name onto the front and adding a seal, logo or landmark rendering of a campus building printed onto the inside moire fabric liner.

Custom presentation covers and albums are ideal for those high-end presentations for retirement ceremonies, memorials and other recognition awards. Ziller’s can supply you covers and albums that are hand manufactured from genuine calf skin leather in various colorations and textures. Custom made to match slip cases are also available. Foil stamping for decorating will complete the look. Ribbon board presenters are vinyl covered hard boards with corner ribbons and an acetate protector sheet with hanging tabs and die-cut easel back. Slip-in frames with easel backs and hanging tabs may be your solution. Paper presentation folders are an economical option. Made from heavy cover stock paper they can be decorated in a variety of ways with or without foil by flat foil stamping, embossing (text raised) and debossing (text re¬cessed).

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