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Ziller's offers the finest choices of corporate recognition awards and business gifts made from acrylic, crystal, glass, marble and wood.

So that we can meet your recognition needs, we offer a wide variety of recognition awards and business gifts from over 3,100 manufacturers that offer over 711,000 items that can carry your logo and messages. If you are in need of awards for years of service, safety, achievement, employee performance, outstanding achievement, volunteer recognition, donor recognition or some other occasion, then think of Ziller's.

Our selections are diverse. From our acrylic awards which are an affordable way to reward your achievers, to our paperweights, plaques, executive gifts and trophies; also consider crystal and glass with custom deep etch engraving. Crystal and glass have become popular choices for recognizing the achievers within organizations because they offer unmatched beauty and elegance. All of our projects are custom made to meet your needs.

For hand lettered calligraphic art that can be custom framed please click here

Whether your project requirements are simple or complex, Ziller's can help you with all of your corporate and recognition programs. Simply contact one of our service specialists and we can get started right away.

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Corporate Gift Awards including Gold Watches, Desk accessories, Clocks, Paperweights etc. More info

Five Reasons to Give an Award

1) Awards Provide Motivation

Corporate gifts engage employees and inspire them to work towards a particular award. Corporate gifts have been shown to increase employee retention more than cash or gift cards.

2) Awards Provide Public Recognition

Presenting recognition awards at company events is a great way to provide public recognition. Public recognition is a proven motivational tool. Additionally it sends a message to employees that excellent work is appreciated and will be rewarded. Recognition awards can be presented at awards ceremonies in which managers positively reinforce desired behaviors of model employees through public recognition. Or these great awards can also be given out during holiday parties or events.

3) Awards Have No Income Tax

Tangible award merchandise is not necessarily subject to personal income taxes but cash and gift cards are always reportable as employee income.

4) Awards Are Affordable

Modern award programs including tangible corporate gifts are usually grouped together by price points, always ensuring an easy-to-budget employee award program with a wide assortment of name brand gifts to select from.

5) Awards Have a Higher Perceived Value

Recognition awards keep the cost of the gift hidden from employees. Gift cards and cash bonus gifts reveal the monetary value of the gift. Keeping the cost of the recognition award hidden from employees often results in employees assigning a higher perceived value.

Ziller's is pleased to be able to bring you a variety of plaques. Plaques are used for corporate award programs such as Sales Awards, Associate of the Year Awards, Quality Awards, Safety Awards, Customer Service Awards, Employee of the Month Awards, Distributor and Customer Appreciation Awards, Volunteer Awards and Retirement Awards. Our offerings include, but are not limited to, the following items:

Laminated Plaques display diplomas, certificates, photos or other treasures on a hardwood board. Choose from numerous trim colors, border styles and surface finishes. Add a stand up easel back or hangers to the back of the completed plaque for display.

Pocket Plaques, Kit Plaques and Plexi-Plaks offer economical ways to display recognition certificates and diplomas. The plaques are available in simulated walnut, black marble and oak finishes and they are available in a variety of sizes. The pocket plaque allows you to easily slip the certificate in and out of the plaque.

Laser Engraved Metal Plaques  are mounted onto a genuine wood board. The decorative metal plate can be black or a color with bright brass lettering. Both text and logos can be engraved on the metal plate. The wood type and finish can be genuine walnut, high gloss piano rosewood finish or a high gloss ebony black finish along with many other types of finishes.

Acid etched Metal Plates and Acid Etched Plaques can be etched in the positive (text recessed) or the negative (background recessed) using various metals (satin brass, bronze, aluminum and stainless steel). Choose your finish type and mounting board.

Cast Metal Plaques  made from bronze or aluminum plates, can be used for honor and memorial dedications - tree dedication plaques, bench plaques, outdoor dedication plaques, free standing plaques, outdoor plaques and architectural signage.

Perpetual Plaques  recognize the efforts of employees, past presidents, and associates. These plaques are an outstanding way to motivate and honor those who have achieved and inspired those who strive to be better.

We invite you to explore the plaque links below and contact us with any questions that you may have. We look forward to being of service!

Laminated Wood Plaques

We can create a laminated wood plaque for practically any flat material up to 1/8" thickness.

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Marble plaque

comes in various colors, sizes and finishes

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Metal Plaques

Various Metal colors to choose from mounted on wood

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Pocket Plaques

Pocket Plaques are non assembly required, quality certificate holders. They come in two colors, black marble and walnut, and in three sizes.

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Plexi-Plak are ideal when we can't laminate the document. i.e: if the document is too fragile, valuable, needs to be replace periodically etc.

Leatherette Frames

Our quality leatherette frames come in 6 standard colors and 3 standard sizes: 5' x 7", 8" x 10", and 8.5" x 11".

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